About Me

Hi, my name is Kristen, but almost everyone just calls me K.D. Thanks for stopping by! 

I'm mamma to twins plus two, {all boys, all spirited, all toe heads} and the wife to one stud of a husband who transplanted here from Albania {Eastern Europe, right above Greece…}.

By day, I’m a cubicle crusader working the typical 9-5 grind in corporate America. By night I am a kitchen diva who stays up WAY too late playing in the kitchen, and totally regretting it the next morning. And on the nooks and crannies, I run a wellness team! But no matter what the day looks like, when we walk in that door at night my boys are HUNGRY! I've got very little time in the evening to get something healthy on the table and get the troops fed before it's time for baths and bed.

The time I have in the evenings with my boys is precious, and the last place I want to be is locked up in the kitchen alone after not seeing them all day. This lack of time makes it so easy to rely on take-out or processed convenience foods during the week, but instead I have filled my recipe arsenal with clean and healthy dinners that can be on the table in 30-minutes. Quick recipes, paired with a little planing and organization, makes dinner time a snap!

My biggest and most important job though is growing healthy kids by feeding their minds, their bodies, and their spirits. I feed my boys real food from the start, {no baby food jars in this house} so it is important that I make them real, wholesome, nutritious, unprocessed food. 

Besides Cooking, What Do I Love?

I love God, my husband, my boys, colorful cardigans, big purses, a clean kitchen, and new sheets. 

I love helping other mamas find natural solutions to the common things that bring us down - low energy, fatigue, caffeine reliance, baby blues. I've been there, and I would love to share my story with you and help you find a solution.

I love babies. Always have. Even as a child, if there was a baby around that's where you would find me. I was the go-to neighborhood baby sitter. Their smell is intoxicating, and hello, baby toes? Best. Thing. Ever.

I love good coffee. Hot, Iced, doesn’t matter. I take it with raw cream and maple syrup at home, but the boys will often ask to take me out on a coffee date. They so get me. 

I love to hang out in our backyard garden or at our local CSA digging in the dirt with my boys and teaching them plant science (Botany), and sparking their interest in fresh, local produce!
I love connecting with fellow parents or anyone who is interested in learning more about the world of healthy living and flavorful eating. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or feedback. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. I really enjoy this blog.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Amazing, thank you!


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