Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pushing Play

Hey friends! 
I've missed this sweet little corner of the internet that I got to call my own, and have so much I want to document and share with y'all. This year has been a complete and total whirlwind, but the winds are settling, and we have found a groove that works for us. So I am excited to return and reunite with you.  

So what's been going on since I pushed the pause button on this sweet little site? 

Our sweet babe turned a year old! So now this kiddos are 6,6,3, and 1! Yes, It is a ton of work with 4 kids that little, but I love that they are super close,and pray that they always remain this close. Anderson is such a perfect fit to our little tribe, and we could not imagine life without him. He is patient, laid back, funny, and a total love bug. He is hitting all of his milestones WAY later then the other boys, but I honestly LOVE that! Just more time for me to cuddle and rock a snugly baby. 

After he was born though, I had a really rough time 'bouncing back." He was born via c-section and there were complications. I in there over 2 hours, and Daddy and Anderson went to recovery while my awesome doctor put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I am okay, but the recovery was harder than before. At 7-weeks old, I still had zero energy, still weighed what I did when I left the hospital, and had NO idea how I was going to go back to work in a few weeks. I was barely making it through the day on maternity leave!

Then I came across this line of supplements called Plexus. I started taking them when Anderson was 8 weeks old, and by the 3rd day, felt 100x better! They are natural, plant based, have no stimulants, no artificial sweeteners flavors or colors, and less caffeine than decaf coffee! So I was able to take them while nursing. So they met my crunchy, real food, no chemical standards, and they worked! I had energy again. And not that too much caffeine jittery energy. But that WHOA I didn't know I could feel so good kind of energy. And Lord knows I need that with 4 little boys who have no off switch.

We are still a meal preppin', healthy meal makin', real food feedin', happy kiddo growin' family over here. Balancing life as a working mama (and now a work at home mama too). But it feels good to be back, and I  can't wait to share some of the super yummy recipes we've been making! 

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