Monday, December 9, 2013

Feeding The Troops: Seven Staples in our Home

Feeding kids can be a challenge. I don't know about your kids, but mine will find something they like and will want it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For weeks. Until one day they suddenly, and without warning, don't want that thing anymore.
But they need variety to get the nutrition their growing bodies require! So even when they want to live solely on bananas, I have to keep a well stocked kitchen with other nutritionally dense options they love.
This is a list of 7 foods that you will always find in my kitchen.

1) Organic Full Fat Plain Yogurt: I buy the Trader Joe's brand (Which is strangely similar to the much more expensive Straus Family Creamery brand yogurt). Why plain? Plain yogurt is SO versatile, and we can change up the flavor combinations based on what it "in" that week. Most of the time we mix it with fresh fruit and raw honey, but also use it in smoothies, baking, and even in dinner recipes

2.) Fresh Fruit: Apples, Bananas, Pears, Tangerines, Plums, and grapes are the normal cast of characters in my fruit bowl.  I usually fruit shop at little farmers market stores because we go through A LOT of fruit and I have found their prices to be better. I will also buy fruit at Sprouts. They usually have good prices on the things that are in season. I avoid buying fruit at the normal grocery chains because it is way too expensive (and a little too perfect looking).  

3) Organic Baby Carrot Sticks: These are always in my veggie drawer. All too often I find the twins quietly watching cartoons and sharing a bag of carrots. Because they love them and will eat them, I make sure they are always stocked.

4) Raw Cashews: Cashews are one of the softest nuts, and so when I introduced whole nuts into the boys diets, we started with cashews. They are also great to have on hand for making our favorite Raw Caramel Dip for Apples, or even for making a vegan Alfredo sauce for pasta or zucchini noodles.

5) Dried Fruit: Our two regulars are raisins and dried Turkish apricots. Just look for dried fruit without added sugar. We also buy dried mango (Trader Joes has a great un-sulfured and unsweetened one), blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, prunes, and figs.  

6) 100% Pure Maple Syrup: I use this SO much. In my coffee int the morning, on pancakes or waffles, and in lieu of sugar in so many recipes. 

7) Organic Raw Honey: This can get pricy, but the best price I have found on it it as Target. Their Simply Balanced organic raw honey. Regular price is $3.99, but it often goes on sale for 2/$6. Pair that with the 5% off with the Target debit card, and another 5% off with the Target Cartwheel App and we are down to $2.71 a bottle! Killer deal for raw honey.
Organic Raw Honey 

There you have it! Our top 7 healthy staples!

What are some of yours?

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