Friday, November 1, 2013

Pizza Snacks

Today's recipe is another trick for sneaking protein and veggies into my kids diets. Although I want them to know and love veggies, the willpower of a four-year old is strong, so when the twins decide that they will eat nothing but carbohydrates, I can always count on these quick and easy Pizza Snacks to sneak some wholesome goodness into them.

I made these earlier this week for 'dessert' because the boys decided leeks I served for dinner were no longer in the approved veggie list. All three of my boys gobbled their pizza up!  

We take this pizza flavored spread and put it on whole wheat bread or pita. It also makes a great party dip!

{makes four individual pizzas}
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
1 hard boiled egg
4 chopped olives (we use Greek olives. They give it a nice flavor)
4 mushrooms
1/8th of an onion
1/4 cup marinara sauce
4 pieces of whole wheat bread or pita

Place all of the ingredients in the food processor or blender and blend until fully combined. (It will resemble the consistency of hummus)
Spread on a whole wheat bread or pita of your choice
Broil on low until bubbly (2-3 minutes)

** If you make it as a party dip, quadruple the recipe and heat it in a mini crock-pot or in the oven at 350 until bubbly. Serve with pita chips or a sliced baguette! **

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