Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mighty Handle Review & A Giveaway!

Hey guys!

I was exited to be given the opportunity to try our and review a new product called the Mighty Handle, and liked it SO much, I decided to purchase and send a Mighty Handle - 2 Pack to one lucky Feeding The Troops subscriber! 
 The Mighty Handle is a cool little invention, that really solves a problem I think most of us face. Too many bags to carry but only wanting to make one trip {possibly with a baby on your hip}.  The Mighty Handle allows you to carry 6-8 bags on each handle.

 {Plus isn't it pretty?}

Baby on hip? No Problem!
It is marketed for grocery bags, but I hooked all of our morning bags (daycare, school, work, lunch) onto it to get out to the car in the morning, and it worked great. I usually take 2 trips for stuff, and a third for the kiddos, but with the Mighty Hook, I got out in one trip. All my bags on the Mighty Handle, and the baby in my arms. I'm all for anything that makes the morning hustle a little easier!

Landon had to try it out too!
Little Story...
 The week before I got my Mighty Handle in the mail, we had an unfortunate melon accident in the driveway. The melon rolled out of it's bag while I was driving, and when we got home and I opened the rear hatch, it came tumbling out onto the driveway, cracking as it hit the cement. There was melon everywhere!
But with the Mighty Handle, this won't happen again.

Twist-Lock No Spill Feature
Why? Because the Mighty Handle has a Twist-Lock No Spill feature that keeps your bags closed and rogue melons from escaping. Just place your bags in the trunk of the car, twist the Mighty Handle twice and fold the handle down. Your groceries will never spill, and they are still attached to the handle and ready to be carried in the house. 

All in all I think this is a pretty handy little tool. I loved using it and I hope I can remember to put it back in the car after I have unloaded the groceries. {Same reason I have 1,000 reusable shopping bags}.

Here's your chance to win a two-pack and try them for yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to Support The Mighty Handle?

The Mighty Handle made it to the voting round for Walmart's Get On the Shelf contest. You can vote for the Mighty Handle online every day through September 2. Click here to go directly to the Mighty Handle's voting page.

 Check out the Mighty Handle on Amazon for more information and reviews. Also at the Mighty Handle website, and on Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter!

***Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample product for review. The giveaway products were purchased by me. The opinions expressed within are completely my own and are in no part influenced by the fact that I obtained this product free of charge***


  1. So wanting to try this! It would be great for grocery loads :)

  2. With 5 kids, a purse diaper bag and disabled husband you can imagine the help...

  3. I have a time about twice a month when all the shopping gets done. this would definitely help with that

  4. Since my husband never seems to help me carry in the groceries, this would certainly help! :P

  5. This sounds great, I live in an apartment and i have to walk up a bunch of stairs taking multiple trips to get all my grocery bags up.

  6. I struggle with getting groceries to stay in the bags in my car and then getting them in the house - I would so very much love to have a Mighty Handle!

  7. help us carry our groceries up one flight

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  8. I would love this because i have to park in a parking garage and walk to the elevator...What a godsend this would be

  9. this would help my mother in law carry things up to her appt, she has to go up two flights sometimes the elevator is broken so this would help her greatly

  10. It would help my husband out a lot when he's bringing in the groceries :)

  11. We have a trunkload of reusable bags that we'd like to keep better organized and easier to handle.

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