Saturday, August 3, 2013

5 Products I Use Every Day

1. OXO Apple Slicer - We go through apples like crazy around here! Chopped up in oatmeal, sliced for dipping or just for snacking. At any given moment you will find one of the twins carying around an apple. But, after finding apple cores in places they do not belong, I started coring and slicing the apples before giving them to the boys. Which can be quite the task 4-6 times a day! Until I got the OXO Apple slicer. It cores the apple and divides it into 8 slices in one swoop, and I use it all day long.

2. OXO Pizza Wheel: We do not eat pizza every day, but I do use the pizza wheel daily. Why? It makes cutting toddler food into small pieces a breeze. Pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, chicken, lasagna, and yes, even pizza! 

3. Playtex Lil' Gripper Twist 'n Click Straw Trainer Cup This is my favorite training cup. The twins each had one, and now the baby has one too! When they are first learning to use a straw, you can squeeze the sides, and it will fill the straw for them. Right now, it is really great for smoothies that are still a little to thick for the baby to suck through a straw. I can squeeze the cup and he can enjoy a smoothie with the rest of us!

4. Silicone Baking Cups : I only have a set of 4 of these, but I find myself washing them every day. I use them like everyone else as snack dividers in the boys lunch, but I have also found that the baby LOVES using one of these for his snacks too! He gets one with berries or bananas in it each morning at breakfast. It doesn't tip, and if it gets thrown falls on the floor, it doesn't make any noise!  

5. Bella Rocket Blender  This little blender is small but mighty. I do not have a big fancy blender. I have a normal Hamilton Beach blender, and the Bella! It makes great smoothies, but I also use it to make dressing, sauces, chop nuts, grind coffee, pretty much everything! I have been using mine nonstop for 2 years and have never had a problem with it!

And there you have it! 5 inexpensive products that I use every. single. day.

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