Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Night Rosemary Roasted Tri-Colored Sweet Potatoes

{Say that three times fast}dinner

Every Sunday night, I roast a huge batch of veggies. The type of veggie varies each week, and this Sunday it was tri-colored sweet potatoes!

The farmers market had orange, white, and purple sweet potatoes, so I grabbed a  little of each color. This was perfect, because my boys are having 'issues' with green veggies right now, {Ah the wonderful things they pick up at preschool} but are perfectly happy with orange, yellow, and purple :o)

On Sundays, I make triple what I would make for a single dinner, then serve some with Sunday dinner, and box up the rest to be used throughout the week. They make a quick side dish to another dinner, and I also throw them in omelets or frittatas, quickly into a packed lunch, or just to grab and snack on in a pinch.
Printable Recipe

4 medium sweet potatoes
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp salt
1 Tbsp Rosemary

Heat the over to 425
Peel the potatoes and chop them into 1/2 inch cubes
Place all of the cubes into a  large bowl, add the olive oil, salt, and rosemary, and stir
Spread them evenly on a baking sheetand place them in the oven

After 25 minutes, take the pan out of the oven, and turn the potatoes so that they brown evenly.
Return the pan to the oven and let cook for another 20 minutes.

Aren't those purple sweet potatoes gorgeous?

 Roasting vegetables will make your house smell amazing! What a perfect way to end the weekend, and also be one step ahead for the coming week!

Have a fabulous week!

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