Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dinner in 30

I am a working mom. I work a standard Monday through Friday 8am-5pm job just like millions of other moms out there. But no matter the day I've had at the office, we walk in that door and my boys are HUNGRY! I've got very little time in the evening to get something healthy on the table and get the toops fed before it's time for baths and bed.

The time I have in the evenings with my boys is precious, and the last place I want to be is locked up in the kitchen alone after not seeing them all day. This lack of time makes it so easy to rely on take-out or processed convenience foods during the week, but instead I have filled my recipe arsenal with clean and healthy dinners that can be on the table in 30-minutes. Quick recipes, paired with a little planing and organization, makes dinner time a snap!

Each week, I will be sharing one of my Dinner in 30 recipes with you, ay for along with tips for making dinner prep quick and painless.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you stay for Dinner in 30!

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